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Status: OPEN, until further notice.

TeamSpeak-Server (direct link)


You are more than welcome to contact any of us if you are interested in our department, or have any other questions. This is the command staff, and it consists of the Director, the Deputy Director, the Captains and the Lieteunants. These are the main members of the information team, who can help you if needed.

Our TeamSpeak-server is ts.lcdps-clan.com.

Director of Public Safety                      gen_16-5.png

The Director of Public Safety is the highest person in the departments command chain. His name is currently Will Shield and can, besides on our TeamSpeak-server, be contacted via e-mail.

  • Responsible for overviewing all functions and members of the clan.
  • Maintains and updates forums with admin privileges.
  • Supervises for all clan members and takes disciplinary action when needed.
  • Implementation and discussion of proposed rules/division, etc.

Public Safety Captain                          cpt_16-4.png

The current LCDPS Captain(s) is DarkCurser and Jenkins.

  • Recieves promotion and demotion recommendations, filters them and then passes to the directors.
  • Responsible for assisting the Deputy and Directors roles if needed when needed.
  • Assists the Deputy Director in making disciplinary action decisions.
  • Member of the Global Moderator Team.
  • Leader of the Command Staff.

Website Administrator                         SEa-2.png

The name of the LCDPS Webmaster is DarkCurser.

  • Responsible for the continuous update of the total webpage.
  • Responsible to retrieve information from the command staff and the divisions OIC's and update necessary information from that.
  • Responsible for the stability and functionality of the webpage.
  • Responsible for the stability and functionality of the TeamSpeak-server.
  • Member of the information team.


Deputy Director of Public Safety         ltg_16-4.png

The Deputy Director of Public Safety is the second highest in LCDPS. Burning Blade currently holds this rank.

  • Responsible for making disciplinary action decisions.
  • Implementation and discussion of purposed rules/divisions.
  • Maintains and updates forums with admin privileges.
  • Leader of the Global Moderator Team, etc.

Public Safety Lieutenant                       wo1_16-2.png

The current LCDPS Lieutenant(s) is Bison, Desert Eagler 158, Gvstaylor, Jax31 (External Communications Lieutenant), Jeffa4, Matty92ace and Piper.

  • Responsible for clan respect rules and makes sure they are followed.
  • Member of the Global Moderator Team.
  • Member of the Command Staff.
  • Supervises their patrol beat and corrects any errors made by the lower ranked troopers.
  • Responsible for recruitment of the clan.



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