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Liberty City Department of Public Safety            

Welcome to the Liberty City Department of Public Safetys website. If you're reading this you obviously have some interest in the community and/or want to gain some information about us for whatever your purpose is. If so then read on!

The LCDPS was a small group at first, which started on the 21st of April 2012, and that has grown into a vast community for all those interested in the likes of Law Enforcement Roleplay. I, myself along with xaPKPax who some of you may know as Kyle, went on to progress this clan to what it has become today.

The Liberty City Department of Public Safety has a solid command staff and rank system and if any problems or incidents occur, we are never short for resources thanks to our fully dedicated members. As it has been said a number of times, we strive to give you the best roleplay experience possible. The veteran members here at LCDPS will come no short as to doing their best to deliver that to you, while also being able to enjoy the chilled out and relaxed environment we have. With LCDPS you're guaranteed for the fun, the roleplay, the simulation and the full on enjoyment of the events that we host. Although we do host a primarily based amount of "Official Patrol Events", we are also open to side games such as Zombie Modes, races and just generally free modes where we chill out, discussing clan "politics" as it is while running around on a faggio at 30,000ft in the air with the help of Simple Native Trainer. All sounds fun yes?

Here's the thing, LCDPS wouldn't have come this far without the people that have been and still are in the clan today. It is an incredible workload for us and even greater when you rise up the ranks that's if you do. All we ask from you as a Recruit and Public Safety Officer are four things:

1. Activity, to stay active both on the forums and during official events.

2. Respect, your other clan members and don't bring any friction into public affairs.

3. Dedication, if you have any ideas or suggestions, post them! Dedicate to your ideas for this clan!

4. Professionalism, It's all fun and games yes but offering the best experience we can is demanding and we need a certain amount of professionalism out of you to.


So, if you meet those four requirements to an advanced level, it's pretty safe to say, you're set up for a promotion. There is a Rank Duty Roster on our forums which will not be viewable to you until you are a Recruit or above. However it's not much of a problem. Simply put, yes you may be good at these four things, but you've been shown this. We want to see how you do with new responsibilities that might come your way at the click of a finger. Speaking of which we should probably show you and get you accustomed to our Command Chain. Going from highest to lowest there are the:

gen_16-7.png Director of Public Safety  

ltg_16-6.png Deputy Director of Public Safety  

cpt_16-6.png  Public Safety Captain  

Lieutenant.png Public Safety Lieutenant  

Staff-Sergeant-4.png Public Safety Staff Sergeant  

Sergeant-3.png  Public Safety Sergeant  

Corporal-4.png Public Safety Corporal  

PSO-3.png Public Safety Officer  

Untitled-1-copy.png Public Safety Recruit

     Public Safety Explorer

Untitled-1-4.png Retired/Resigned Public Safety Officer

As you can see it is quite a lengthy chain to go through, however with the right dedication. you're no shorter of achieving any of these ranks as the next person.

However it is not only ranks that are important. I would like to emphasize that to it's fullest. As well as ranks, divisions can be considered almost just as important as there are a variety of divisions from field divisions such as patrol, aviation and SWAT to forumbased divisions like the Applications Staff and such the like. On top of this, the one division that is both a forum and field divisons is the Field Training Department. There are many command chains and structures of the such within each division. Such as a division leader or a member of the command staff respective of the division. Read more about all the divisions under their very own tab.

We operate like any other police agency with the use of unit numbers to identify others when patrolling, and on top of that we have callsigns for our respective divisions. For example a patrol supervisor will be Lincoln, and then their unit number, Etc. Some divisions may require more than one callsign. For example a Delta unit is a SWAT Operator, however a Sierra Delta Unit would be a SWAT Marksman. These callsigns make it easier for dispatch to use us to our abilities. For example by beginning with callsign "Tango" immediately alerts all traffic officers that they may be needed. The unit number then splits them up as individuals.

These are just some of the little things we do to make the experience all the more exhilarating for you. With that, please enjoy browsing our website and if we haven't mentioned anything that you like to know about us: Please do not hesitate to contact either myself or anyone of the clan members.

Thanks for reading and welcome to our website.


Director of Public Safety

Will Shield, LCDPS Founder

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